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Welcome to
Architecture Way Ahead

Our Architects provide architectural design, planning permission, technical drawings and 3D visualization services. We handle on various types of development including new house, new building flats, new commercial building, extensions, loft conversion, outbuilding, change of use and much more. We follow you carefully for the designs, pre applications, planning applications and certificates of lawfulness of your new development.

Your Dream House

It's not a Dream.

New Business

Change of use to A1 A2 A3 A5.

New Building

New House and Flats.

House Conversion

More Flat to Manage.


Architectural Design

Experienced architects will guide you towards the best choices to satisfy your desires. Choosing between classic or modern design, we will design your home or building following the guidelines of the UK regulation.

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Planning Permission

We boast a large number of applications approved throughout England on various types of development, residential and commercial. Our plans provide information to satisfy Planning requirements.

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Our service produces 3D visualizations, architectural photomontages and high quality 3D animations for all sectors of architectural and building development using cutting-edge building technologies.

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Residential Projects


Commercial Projects


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Our Pricing List

Our promise is provide high quality architectural projects and drawings.
All Application, Drawings or Visualizations are chargeable on two Step basis:

  • 50% Deposit fee
    (To start the work)
  • 50% Before the submission
    (When the project satisfies you)
*We do not Charge VAT
All prices do not include Council Fees

Drawing And Visualization

From £ 350.00
  • 2D Drawings
  • 3D Drawings
  • 3D Visualization
Best value

Planning Permission

From £ 600.00
  • Certificate of Lawfulness
  • Pre-Application
  • Planning Application

Architectural Design

From £ 1000.00
*Application included
  • New House
  • New Build Flats
  • New Build Commercial